Heat Shrink Tubing with Different materials are provided that performs insulation, protection, and marking for cable organization. We utilize materials such as polyolefin, PTFE, Fluoropolymer, FEP, PFA, PVC and silicone rubber to make heat shrink tubing.

PVDF Heat Shrink Tubing for 150 ℃

Polyolefin is an ideal raw material for heat shrink tubing because of its desirable performance regarding insulation, temperature resistance and voltage-withstanding. The polyolefin heat shrink tubing can act as an insulating covering for wire connectors and related accessories in automotive, electronic, metro, construction, communication and utility applications.

PTFE Tubing

Poly tetra fluoro ethylene(PTFE)is high and low temperature resistant, insulating, diesel resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. The heat shrink tubing manufactured from PTFE can provide covering for some accessories like rollers in many industries including printing, chemical and paper. Rollers protected with CYG PTFE heat shrink tubing have no accumulation of sticky residues because of its desirable lubricity, and little impact on operation of mechanical components because of its lower coefficient of friction. The following CYG heat shrink tubing is manufactured from PTFE.

Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluoropolymer’s high temperature resistance and diesel resistance have made fluoropolymer tubing the insulating protection of choice for many cable ends and terminals.

PVC Tubing

PVC delivers outstanding electric and physical performance and great resistance to acid and corrosion. PVC tubing can be used in electronic components, home appliances and toys, and its flame retardant properties add a high degree of safety.

Silicone Rubber Tubing

Silicone rubber has desirable insulation and excellent resistance to high temperature, so the silicone rubber tubing can provide insulating protection to electronic accessories which are under special requirements, like those used in electrical appliances, lighting fixtures and medical instruments.

Fiberglass Sleeve

Fiberglass is highly insulating, heat resistant, corrosion resistant and offers a high degree of mechanical strength. The CYG fiberglass sleeve is a kind of silicone resin continuously coated with high temperature processed braided alkali-free fiberglass tubing. The fiberglass tubing is flexible, flame-retardant and insulating. And the fiberglass sleeve can be used as insulating protector for wires inside home appliances and electronic instruments.